Discover the most magical place on Earth. Check your bucket list – we are there!

With its tremendous natural and cultural beauties Costa Rica is a bullet on each bucket list out there. Visit us and discover the magic inside. Natural beauties like active volcanoes, wildlife, plants, plantations, fruits and herbs are just part of the magic. Costa Rica is not just to look at or listen to, its the magic you feel inside.

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Comfortable Transfers

Diverse nature needs flexible transportation. With us you can find transport from bike renting to buses and all in between. More

Brilliant Routes

We have prepared routes to discover Costa Rica. Brilliand just for you. For special wishes we can prepare custom routes.

Optimal Timing

Experience staff behind each offer can and will help you find optimal timing for entire route or just one day trip. More

Unique Experience

Each route is equipped with additional one day trips that will make your experience an unique one.

Local Culture

Energetic culture is known for beautiful crafts and arts. Energetic parties, colorful folklore or classical music, all for you to discover. More

Smart Guides

Years of experience help our guides prepare best experience for you and your loved ones. More


One day trips for individuals or groups to discover Costa Rica further.


Honeymoon at Jaco Beach

9 nights / 10 days,
9 hotels selection

Honeymoon at Guanacaste!

9 nights / 10 days,
5 hotels selection

Honeymoon at M. Antonio!

9 nights / 10 days,
6 hotels selection

Riding the Waves in the Caribean

7 nights / 8 days,
9 hotels

Riding the waves in Tamarindo!

7 nights / 8 days,
2 hotels

Tour name here

15 Apr – 27 Apr 2018
$1500 + transfers + visa

Tour name here

16 Oct – 4 Nov 2018
$800 + transfers

Tour name here

16 Oct – 4 Nov 2018
$2300 + transfers + visa


Nature and culture of Costa Rica provide unique experiences for experience traveler as well.

In this special country with its unique nature, you can observe new animals, plants and sceneries with every step, every eye blink; you will be filled with new, interesting and pleasant sounds as well.

In this country of contrasts, volcanoes, vibrant and explosive colors, dramatic surrounding sceneries must be experienced. Full of endless peaceful and clean beaches, each having their own unique distinction.

The sand of these beaches is white, gold or black. Some of the best surfboarding in the world exists right here in Costa Rica! Every Costa Rican family seems to have its own favorite beach, which they visit as often as possible.

Come and decide which one is your favorite!

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Our goal is to help you enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Our team of tourism experts and the special negotiations we have achieved with lots of hotels and service providers, guarantee a high level of service that has translated into great testimonies from many of our visitors.

Unique Places

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Best Accommodation

Find special discounts and exclusive deals for over 100 hotels in Costa Rica. Some deals you wont find anywhere else.

Interesting Routes

Discover the wide range of Costa Rican locations like tropical beaches, rain forests, volcanoes, spas, national parks and cities.

New Friends

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